General cooperation

Are you interested in traveling to Morocco and working for ‘Madame Ilsa’?

Even during a short stay it is possible to pass on the interest in foreign languages, cultures, traditions and history or just to reduce the permanent employees’ workload for a few days as well as gain wonderful experiences in a beautiful country.


Voluntary work

Would you like to share something personal locally? Do you want to gain new experiences and to teach other people? Doing voluntary work at ‘Madame Ilsa’ could change your life!

We are dependent on help from volunteers to keep everything up and running every day. We are very keen to have short or long time volunteers for the work in Morocco as well as support for our administrative work done in Germany.

Voluntary work in Morocco is especially appealing for young people (aged 18+) or active retirees, who can either opt for a short term stay or a for a long term stay of 6-12 months working in different tasksfor the foundation.These are for example, taking care the orphans, getting involved in the cooperatives, investing some time in the children and the disabled in Morocco, working at the ranch or in the physiotherapeutic ward at the rehabilitation centre. We also greatly appreciate supporting the foundation in Germany in the various administrative areas such as marketing and fund-raising, or in public relation management, and activities in social networks in a German or Moroccan team. Help us to actively enable people to help themselves by organizing, passing on experience and optimizing the local recourses for optimal processes. Ideal for experienced Un-retirees!


Possible work fields

  • Association El Quahda
  • Orphanage
  • House for the homeless children
  • Institution for handicapped people and rehabilitation centre
  • Horse ranch Berbere
  • ▪ Cooperative Argano - production, sales & marketing
  • and others

Two to four volunteers work regularly within our projects. Doing voluntary work is a wonderful chance to collect unique experiences, pass on your knowledge and to participate in a meaningful work..

Unfortunately, we often receive more applications for voluntary work than the amount of jobs we are able to offer.

Volunteers should meet the following requirements:

  • Enthusiasm as the greatest type of motivator
  • Relevant school education or professional training
  • High commitment
  • Knowledge of the English or French language
  • A high level of social responsibility and ability to work in a team
  • Willingness to improvise


What we offer:

  • A stay for voluntary work can be financed within … by the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Board, lodging and an allowance (in a family’s house or our base camp hotel)
  • A unique experience in a friendly, safe and clean environment
  • A wide range of work fields
  • The opportunity to experience the beauty of Morocco in a special way
  • Confirmation letter of your volunteer work



Send us your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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