Individual aid & emergency relief

Particularly matching our motto “One human reaching out to another”, aid and emergency relief are important to our work. We support village communities, families or individuals with clothing and small financial donations. In cases of special urgency, we also help with health care by assuming the costs for medical examinations or surgeries. Unfortunately, about 70 % of the rural population is still without sufficient health care – despite great governmental efforts.



With various special actions we help in kindergartens and schools in mountainous areas through targeted supply of clothing, shoes or food. We organize maintenance or repair of buildings after flood damage. We also provide and improve equipment in schools.


Sponsorships & voluntary work

With specific in-kind donations, such as wheelchairs, glasses or clothing and financial donations for precisely defined measures, we support an orphanage and a house for homeless children, where children are given a home and access to vocational education. Further, we work together with an institution for handicapped people that has been built and is being operated by two local initiatives. In addition to wheelchairs and walking aids, there is a special demand for raw materials for the urgently needed production of prostheses. Equally urgent is the need for volunteers who are professionals for the development of appropriate organizational structures for disabled facilities and people able to provide specialized training on the care of handicapped people to Moroccans, enabling them to take care of the people in this facility. This is a wide field open to motivated young people and agile seniors who want to share their knowledge and experiences!


"Progress takes place when smart, committed people implement good intentions into reality."

Sue Desmond-Hellmann, CEO


Help for self-help

In cooperation with local organizations – e.g. Rotary Club Taroudannt, Association Ahli and Association Humanitaire - we support several projects with financial aid, professional support or by providing material resources.
We are currently supporting:

  • The Association El Quahda which takes care of and educates children,
  • The sheltered living quarters and workshops of the Association Ahli – an exemplary initiative for homeless children,
  • The orphanage in Taroudannt and Tazzanine in Agadir,
  • The horse ranch Berebere Nomade in Aourir


Humans reaching out for another
Actions & Projects

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