Our motto is "One human reaching out to another"

We work with compassion and profound respect for human dignity

Our intention is to make a contribution to sustainable development in Moroccan society. We are convinced that this is the only way leading forward. Therefore we do not want to be understood as a “charity" by no means. One of the numerous challenges of an aid organization is the possibility of accidentally hindering sustainable local development. We work according to the simple but important principles that define us. Everyone associated with us, knows exactly where he or she stands. Our projects provide good examples of peaceful coexistence between people from different cultures. We are independent and free of any forms of external influences.

„Do not only dedicate yourself to secure projects, but also face the greatest challenges.“

According to this statement of Warren Buffett we want to help people in Morocco by creating the necessary conditions to promote self-sufficiency and to have an effect on the country in a positive way. There are diverse challenges and chances – it is a fine line between sustainable development and vicious cycles of poverty. These opposites are related more closely than they seem.

The Madame-Ilsa Foundation is registered as a non-profit company (gUG – limited) in Germany. We are regularly controlled by the well known and independent auditing company. This ensures transparency and clearly verifiable use of the donations made by our supporters. All contributions to the Madame-Ilsa Foundation are tax deductible in Germany. Please contact us for international donation receipts.


Our teams consists of individuals from various areas of expertise. Every member has one thing in common:
They are committed to ensuring that the “Madame-Ilsa Foundation” remains a long-term, sustainable and successful overall project. All members of the management team work voluntarily and without any remuneration. They contribute time, valuable ideas and their personal network of people. They are convinced that the manageable size of this organization is at the same time its strength. Flat hierarchy and well-established communication lines facilitate the work immensely. The team views itself as a large family where each individual has the opportunity to contribute his or her own skills. The organization is unconditionally committed to its purpose. Each donation goes directly into projects and therefore, in some form, reaches the children and the needy. The administration efforts are minimized.

  • Waltraud Sternemann takes care of internal organization. Furthermore, she is the contact person for all your questions on the topic of donations or donation receipts.
  • Irina Weiss-Avetisyan together with Tobias Weiss and Lena Hildebrandt, organizes the web and social media presence.
  • Holger Haberer works together with Danny Seifert on all financial matters, including tax accounting and annual reports. He also acts as a central coordinator for the auditing company.
  • Danny Seifert is responsible for finances, works together with Holger Haberer. Danny contributes with his comprehensive network.
  • Dr.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Sternemann coordinates the various activities of Madame Ilsa.
  • Tobias Weiss manages, together with Irina and Lena, our public relations.


Team in Morocco

Horst Grulke and Ibrahim Ait-Ouamoum are our management team, coordinating the current actions and projects in Morocco. They administer the cooperation between local organizations and various government authorities and the “Madame Ilsa Foundation”. Horst carries together with Ibrahim numerous operational tasks in Morocco. He organizes and manages the work done in the Association AHLI, OeB and Association Tazzanine. Additionally, they supports the voluntary workers and organizes our ‚Come & See‘ travels.



Humans reaching out for another
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