Our aid particularly supports the rural population in Morocco. We help the Moroccan people to create the necessary essential conditions to enable them to become more self-sufficient in the future and thereby influence their country in a positive way. A caring family is the best chance for children to gain self-confidence and other like skills. The dignity of every human is the heart of our activities. Therefore, our guiding principle is help for sustainable self-help.


“Do not only dedicate yourself to secure projects, but also face the greatest challenges.”

Warren Buffett



The most important investment for a good future of the children, adolescents and young adults is a good education and support with their individual skills and interests. Furthermore, we especially promote vocational education and conditions for women to gain independence. For these reasons we support an orphanage, an association, a ranch, a cooperative and other offers for practical work training.



We help to adopt a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention, e.g. by constantly teaching small behavioural habits which can have a great effect on overall health in the long term.


Help for self-help

Within the scope of our possibilities we help to improve the social circumstances of people indem wir ein Haus für Straßenkinder , Waisenhaus, Schulen und Ausbildungsstätten, Haus für Behinderte & Rekonvaleszenz, medizinische Einrichtungen sowie andere essentielle Einrichtungen unterstützen. In gezielten und überschaubaren Projekten wie z.B. in Kooperativen von Dorfgemeinschaften – Cooperative Argano, Pferderanch Berbere Nomade und Ibrahims World - we enable the necessary start-up financing, the sustainable support and development and thereby the self-sufficiency of extended families and village communities.



Poverty traps can only be escaped through sustainable commitment. Therefore we anchor this principle in all levels of our work- in the organizational development, as a subject within our training and in our working principles.



We encourage the networking with other interest groups. An exemplary cooperation of society, state and politics can be beneficial and multiplicates chances for sustainable development.


Local help

We do not support international adoptions or emigration. We support the people in their local conditions. This is not only more cost-effective but also supports the dispersal of our help in Morocco.


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