„When you look into the sad eyes of an abandoned baby, your heart melts and you take it into your arms and give it all the love in the world. You smile at it and at first it stares at you. Then it reflects your smile back to you and starts pushing its arms towards you to play with you. Its little hand clings to your finger and it does not want to let you go but everything comes to an end. You have other tasks and need to leave the orphanage but the child stays.

We hope to offer the children a normal life, a caring and loving family and a warm home with our organization and providing them as well with loving new parents and a secure future. That is what I wish for with my whole heart for our orphan children. This difficult task can only be achieved with our dedicated, great team and generous people who support our work and the children entrusted to us. This way we are able to do many things for these children to create a brighter and more hopeful future for them.

I am appealing to your good will to support our children, which were deprived of a normal life whilst laying them on our doorstep and abandoning them, with your kindness and generosity.

Thank you in advance, Your Annisa ElAbdaoui“

Quoted analogously from my conversation with the President of the orphanage inside the Hasan Il Hospital for the poor Annisa ElAbdaoui and the Operational Head of the Organization Fatima Zahra Abdel Ilah.

The orphanage is situated in the area of the hospital of the poor in Agadir. Association Tazzanine is supported actively by, among others, Professor Ihlal, Ibn Zohr University Agadir, our research partner in Greenlight-initiative and his wife – we gave information regarding this topic in the two ultimate reports. We became aware of the urgent need for children’s shoes, diapers and food through Prof. Ihlal. During our first visit we could identify the large extent of support that is needed. At the moment there are nine newborns at the orphanage. In total, there are 68 children and adolescents being cared for and given a home. About half of these children are mentally or physically disabled in different degrees of intensity.

The shared living and the common care and treatment by the employees is a good example for inclusion put into practice.

Thanks to two generous donations we were able to support the orphanage Tazzanine with shoes, diapers and food. With the help of Mrs Ihlal and Horst Grulke (he has become manager of Madame Ilsa in Morocco recently) we bought shoes, toys and urgently needed groceries on the spot. The amount of money available to the orphanage per day per child is 0,50 €. This is why the joy and gratitude was especially big and every donor from Germany was warmly appreciated.

Do you want to support the children of the orphanage Tazzanine?

Donation account: Madame-Ilsa-Foundation gUG Sparkasse Bühl

IBAN DE 77 6625 1434 1000 2918 54


Please use the reference code: „Donation “orphan children“

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