Imagine it is getting dark in the evening and you want to read a book, work on something, cook something or enjoy time with your family in your lighted home – but there is no electricity! That means there is no light except for the small glow of a candle or an expensive and polluting oil lamp. This is what the situation is like for the communities in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. An energy infrastructure is not existent and also not planned to be built in the near future.

Nevertheless there is an ecological source of energy which is present in a more than sufficient amount but cannot be used due to financial and technical deficits: The sun. Solar energy could provide the houses of the families with light and also with electric energy for other devices in a second step.

To be able to use this opportunity Madame-Ilsa foundation in cooperation with Applied University Offenburg and Ibn Zohr University Agadir started an initiative: Light for Morocco – Green:Light. The initiative aims to develop sustainable concepts for energy generation and efficient energy consumption e.g. through the use of LED technology.

Committed students of different study programs work on concepts and solutions for the Moroccan families in interdisciplinary teams. Students of technical programs elaborate the design and functionality of the lamp in order for it to be adapeted to the conditions in the Atlas Mountains. Students of non-technicals programs are also welcome in the team as they also take an essential part of the project e.g. in planning the production or the marketing of the lamps. Furthermore, as the aim is to allocate as much value creation as possible in Morocco, students of eductional sciences are needed to develop teaching concepts on these topics.

Madame-Ilsa foundation considers it as especially important that the project is implemented according to our philosophy „help for self-help“. We do not try to sell or give away a lamp developed and produced in Germany. Instead we want the production and maintenance processes to take place in Morocco. This way valuable knowledge on new technologies is anchored in Morocco, jobs are created and the families are given the opportunity to improve their living situation by their own efforts.

Our project is supported by the Moroccan royal house as well as the Moroccan embassy in Berlin which we are particularly proud of.

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Please use the reference code: „Donation “Green:Light“

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