Horse ranch Aurier, which provides three young families with a stable income, was equipped with an energy system. This energy system is built of solar modules and batteries and produces electric power for a water pump, cooling units and efficient LED-lamps.

The development of the system took place by students of the applied university Offenburg and it was tested at INES in Offenburg. Green: Light initiative‘s ambitious pilot project was designed in the course of stundent activities and installed on the ranch during a field trip of a student group in November 2016.

After the implementation the energy system is now operated by the families who own the ranch, Moroccan students of the Ibn Zohr University as well as our management team which is comprised of Horst Grulke and Ibrahim Ait-Ouamoum. Horst spends his life a retiree in Morocco and Ibrahim supports him with advice and hands-on help as well as translation services as they are supporting various facilities in Morocco. Together they form our team of representatives and tireless aid workers in Morocco since autumn 2016.

Wide-ranging financial and operative support from the company General Electric-GE as well as the company Müller – Logistics Germany GmbH and many other private donations were essential contributions without which it would have been impossible to realize the project.

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