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Establishing sustainable help for self-help structures using innovations, creating jobs on the spot, showing opportunities for a better future and thereby reducing causes for flight is the aim of the Green:Light-initiative of Madame-Ilsa foundation.

Green:Light-initiative was established in 2015 by Madame-Ilsa foundation together with the applied university in Offenburg , Germany (Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt) and Ibn Zohr University (Prof. Ahmed Ihlal) in Agadir, Morocco as a cross-divisional student initiative. Students of different semesters and study programs as well as postgraduates are dedicated to to achieve a sustainable improvement of the living conditions in Morocco, especially for the children and adolescents.

In the spirit of our fundamental idea „Help for self-help“ the initiative supports Moroccan people on the one hand by providing them with light and electric power for learning and working derived from local solar energy systems and on the other hand by integrating the people and their ideas, knowledge and labour into the value creation process in the highest degree possible. Sustainable improvements on the ground are achieved through knowledge transfer and local value creation, which offer the people positive development opportunities in their home area. In the long run the focus of the project will be extended to other countries with corresponding needs.

„Help for self-help“ was the philosophy of life of Katharina Pawlowna, Queen of Württemberg when she founded the social welfare program 200 years ago.

Her strong principle consisted of helping people in need to help themselves instead of giving them handouts.

Misery can only be overcome by work. That is what the children of the poor’s education to work should serve for.

How fitting in the current times!

Education is a human right – education enables people to improve their social, economic, cultural and political situation. Every child and every adolescent has the right to a school and work education and every man and woman should be able to satisfy his or her basic learning needs.

Education is the essential and non-substitutable condition for a development, that is viable for the future and that is the reason why we make it the point of emphasis of our work.

Currently primarily at Association AHLI – a house for homeless children in Taroudant with 218 children being cared for. All activities within and corresponding to AHLI are realized in a way that we can reuse the concepts and experiences as references in and for many further projects.

Referring to the students of the involved universities the initiative aims at enabling them to show proactive personal initiative and take on responsibility, encouraging solution-orientated, systematic thinking (e.g. in the form of a project paper or a bachelor/master thesis) as well as experiencing interdisciplinary teamwork (Engineering, IT, Business Economics, Marketing,..). Another benefit is the international and intercultural experience caused by the collaboration of the universities in Germany and Morocco.

The initiative’s projects technical focus lies in the area of sustainable creation of electricity and warmth (especially through photovoltaics and solar heat) and increase of energy efficiency (especially through economic LED-lamps and energy management on the base of simple automation concepts).

There is no possibility for development without energy.

  • We are confronted with huge global challenges: In order to reduce poverty, the energy supply in the developing and emerging countries needs to be established and expanded.
  • Energy has to be affordable, produced sustainably and used efficiently.
  • At the same time, climate change has to be stopped and the environmental impact reduced
  • Furthermore the total global energy consumption needs to decrease and renewable energy sources have to be used more intensively than they already are.
  • The necessary preconditions consist in education and understanding of sustainability and conservation of resources.

Morocco decrees itself sun‘ or ‚We need hundreds of Ouarzazates‘ are headlines published in the context of the world climate conference, which took place in Marrakesh in November 2016

The Maghreb countries offer perfect conditions – while maintaining the paradox that regenerative energies only constitute an insignificant part in the Moroccan energy supply while having to import 95% of the required amount of energy with an annual growth rate of 7%.

This is going to change‘ promised the King and decreed that until 2030 more than half of the electrical energy in Morocco is to be produced through wind, water oder solar power.

The statement ‚We need hundreds of Ouarzazates‘ demonstrates the particular challenges for Morocco. It will by far not be sufficient to build solar mega power plants. At the moment Morocco relies on large-scale projects and buildings for the energy transition. While the King is open-minded towards solar panels being installed in private households e.g. on the roofs of private homes, there is no concept how this could be implemented.

Therefore it is especially important to adapt the solutions to the requirements, conditions and capabilities of the local users and partners in order to enable the largest possible share of the production, sales and maintenance activities to be performed on site.

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