Technology, innovative ideas and concepts and social commitment for a better world! Establishing sustainable help for self-help structures using innovations, creating jobs on the spot, showing opportunities for a better future and thereby reducing causes for flight is the aim of the Green:Light-initiative of Madame-Ilsa foundation.

Green:Light-initiative was established in 2015 by Madame-Ilsa foundation together with the applied university in Offenburg, Germany (Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt) and Ibn Zohr University (Prof. Ahmed Ihlal) in Agadir, Morocco as a cross-divisional student initiative.

Students of different semesters and study programs as well as postgraduates are dedicated to to achieve a sustainable improvement of the living conditions in Morocco, especially for the children and adolescents. The initiative’s projects technical focus lies in the area of sustainable creation of electricity and warmth (especially through photovoltaics and solar heat) and increase of energy efficiency (especially through economic LED-lamps and energy management on the base of simple automation concepts).

There is no possibility for development without energy.

We are confronted with huge global challenges: In order to reduce poverty, the energy supply in the developing and emerging countries needs to be established and expanded. Energy has to be affordable, produced sustainably and used efficiently. At the same time, climate change has to be stopped and the environmental impact reduced.

Therefore the total global energy consumption needs to decrease and renewable energy sources have to be used more intensively than they already are.

The necessary preconditions consist in education and understanding of sustainability and conservation of resources.

Prerequisites for sustainable economic growth are sufficient jobs for the population and decent working.

Therefore we dedicate ourselves to support the increase of employment e.g. by educating the adolescents in AHLI to enable them to, among other things, produce, sell and maintain self-efficient LED-lamps in Morocco so that the value creation process takes place on the ground and future-proof jobs are created.

Currently we focus our activities on the „House for Homeless Children“ near Taroudant. About 220 children and adolescents live in this facility operated by Association AHLI ( These kids, which are growing up without parents, are given a home and the possibility for a work education.

In this facility energy-saving LED-lamps are produced using electronical components from Germany but the development and manufacturing of the cases and the assembly takes place locally in Morocco organized and accompanied by Green:Light initiative. In the first step the lamps are used in the house for homeless children itself in order to save electricity costs to redirect the resources to pedagogical work.

The first lamps were built and the involved adolescents and their teachers are very proud of their table, ceiling and wall lamps, designed and manufactured in Morocco.

To reach the goal of executing all value creation steps in Morocco there is a need for extended school and work education and training measures.

Therefore necessary education concepts for the next steps are created in a targeted manner in cooperation with the postgraduates of Professor Ihlal, Ibn Zohr University, within the framework of practical semesters and voluntary work. Computer-based learning using modern possibilities of online classes are tested. Language barriers constitute a special challenge that needs to be taken into account. The effectiveness and sustainability of this “help for self-help” at Association AHLI can be demonstrated easily by the example of the energy cost savings. Until now the monthly costs for electrical energy were about 400€. As soon as we finish the replacement with the new, more economical LED lamps, the estimated savings are 250€ per month. This amount of money enables us to e.g. employ an additional teacher for the numerous group of children, as the average wage in Morocco is at about 3000$ per year.

Do you want to support the children and adolescents of Association AHLI?

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