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Our opinion is that every human should have the chance to live a healthy and dignified life.


Challenges & Opportunities

There are many diverse challenges and opportunities the Moroccon people as well as our organization in its attempt to help them have to face:

  • They are of economic, demographic, ecological and social nature.
  • The future development of the country is important for our world.
  • There is a fine line between sustainable development and the vicious circle of poverty. These opposites are related more closely than they seem.
  • Vocational education, help for self-help and aid for people in need are our contributions to Morocco to help the Moroccan people turning challenges into opportunities.



‚Madame Ilsa‘ Foundation is an internationally active organization with the following objectives:

  • To give people living in Morocco, especially children, adolescents and physically or mentally disabled individuals hope for their future.
  • To enable or improve the access to educational programs for young people and to support their training.
  • To encourage self-help structures; strengthen self-reliance in traditional structures within families and communities as well as to support sustainability.
  • To build bridges between the different cultures and their special characteristics.



Our approach is based on simple principles: Anyone dealing or working with our foundation knows exactly where he or she stands. Our projects are examples of peaceful coexistence between different cultures. We are an autonomous organization and independent from external influences. This is important to us and makes us stand out from other organizations.


A pebble dropped into a pond creates far-reaching ripples.

If you contribute to ‚Madame Ilsa‘, you can be sure that your donation will have a disproportionately far-reaching impact. The effect the value of your donation will have in Morocco will be significantly more than the effect of the equivalent value in Europe.



The heart of our activities is to preserve the dignity of everyone, regardless of religion or ideology.



Everyone who receives assistance from ‚Madame Ilsa‘ is required to make their own contribution dependant on their abilities. Success achieved through one’s own efforts is contagious!



Our help reaches the right individuals directly. As a charitable society we renounce being a salaried organisation. In Germany all work is performed free of charge. We commit ourselves to use the total amount of every donation for local aid work.


Humans reaching out for another
Actions & Projects

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